Cell Registration

You already have the Customer's Name, Address, Phone Number, Central Station, Funding Source, Cellular Plan, CSID, Panel Type, etc, etc already entered into the CRM. Now you have to go into another website, login, and enter all the same information again to activate a cell unit. Anyone who has ever felt this frustration can appreciate why we made it a click of a button away to activate a cell unit.

Now several Security CRM Solutions can quickly activate a cell unit, but our Portal also can swap a cell unit module, terminate a radio, retrieve cellular strength, and even retrieve zone lists from the panel and autoppopulate into the Portal. We also go another step ahead of others. Other Security CRMs integrate with alarm.com, but we are also integrated with Telguard, and we are in negotiations with Alarmnet and Ip-Datatel.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.