Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of Buzz right now about One Stop Portal and we know you have questions. We try our best to supply you with the answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

When you were first entered into the system, your email was a required field. If you go to the login page and select "Forgot Username or Password". This will allow you to have a temporary login emailed to your email. After logging in it will require you to change the password. You can also have the system send your username to your email if you cannot remember your login.
One way we keep costs down to our dealers is giving you resources to get help without having to call into our call center. Each page has a hyperlink at the top right titled: "Help". If you click this link it will show you a tutorial video on how to use the functions on that page. No more waiting on hold when you have questions, answers are right at your fingertips.
Some CRM Companies will have you email this info to them and then you wait around until they get around to it. Day or night, you can just do it yourself. We give you the tools you need. Go to the setup menu, then go to the Integration tab. In the dropdown box you will find a value for your integration partner such as "Safe Security Stages", or "In-House Telguard", or "NMI Merchant Processing", etc. You just find the one you want to integrate with, enter your username and password, click save and then you are instantly integrated. Keep in mind that if you change any of your logins with your partner you will need to update that info in our system or the integration will cease to work.
One Stop Portal only charges by how many customers you add in monthly. You can have as many employees as you would like.
Please go to the top menu on this page where it says "Plans", and you can look through our different plans we offer. To clarify a couple of points, we have plans that start as low as $75.00 per month. Also, each customer is only billed once, so if you add 50 customers in this mont, and 50 customers next month, you won't be billed for 100 customers next month. Our minimum plan includes up to 44 customers, so if you always enter in 44 customers or less each month, your bill will always just be $75.00 per month. The only other things that may cause your bill to go up is the $25.00/Month storage fee for every 5,000 customers (Only charged once you have a total of 5,000 customers in the database). Also there may be a la carte items billed to you if you order extra features. Otherwise, you can expect a simple and low cost monthly charge.
We currently have 2 methods to help you bill customers using our system. You can bill customers using invoice templates we have created for you. This automatically populates the info onto a pdf template for you which can be mailed or emailed to the custoemr. The preferred method of billing is of course autopay. If you use one of our Autopay partners, you can enter billing info into the system and have it charge customers using ACH or CC autopay.
We have 2 methods of E-Signature. For your own in house accounts you can use our built in E-Signature function which uses our customer contract template (Which has an evergreen clause), and have customers sign using an ipad or tablet or phone. The other E-Signature option is through Docusign. Docusign unfortunately requires an Enterprise Level Account in order to use their integration. Due to this, Dealers will primarily use this method when their funding source such as Monitronics or Safe Security is paying the bill. Using this method a Dealer can either send E-Signature emails to the Rep and Customer or have them sign on a Phone Ipad or Tablet, and the bil is paid for by the Funding Source.
We are integrated with all Central Stations that use the Stages Software. This includes Avantguard, U.C.C., Rapid Response, Mace, Safe Security, and USA Central. We are currently working on integration with Central Stations who use Bold Technologies Software. This will give us approx. 600 more Central Stations. We are also integrated with Monitronics and we are negotiating with ADT and Central Security Group. Now even if your Central Station is not listed, we have another option for you to activate accounts. Our system can take all the data entry you have in the CRM, and instantly place it all on a PDF Template and email it to your Central Station's Data Entry Department, all at the click of a button. Using this method of course means there is a several minute buffer before your account goes live but this is still better than calling the info in over the phone.
The CRM solutions we have seen in this industry are all relatively the same. They have you enter the equipment into the system during setup, then with each customer you have to scroll through a list of items to find each piece of equipment, then you refresh the page after each item. We have a different way of doing it. Many companies use more than 1 brand of equipment which complicates inventory tracking. Our system is more intelligent than others. Our system knows the brand you are using by the control panel selected. Now instead of a drop down list of items, we put it into a gridview for you. The system displays only equipment that is relevent to your system installed, based on the brand and what the installer has on his truck. (You still have the option to see all brands and all equipment even if it's not in stock), but in most cases this will filter down the results to only a few items. Furthermore you do not have to refresh in between each item. Since it is in gridview, you will enter the items installed for each row, then click submit just one time. As an extra feature here, included in the gridview is a clumn for install manuals and cheatsheets. We have created several of these help guides to help your newer technicians have more at their fingertips.
Our philosophy is have a longer setup process but then have a smoother experience down the road. We give you many many variables when setting up your payscales. You can have the system pay differently bases on variable like: which funding source used, billing type, RMR Charged, Activation Fee Charged, Contract Length, Cellular Monitoring Plan, Residential vs Commercial, Credit Score (Not just pass and subcredit, you choose the ranges), Equipment used cost or point values (You set thresholds and below or above adjustments), etc. No more creating customer pieces of equipment for payroll variables and having to add them in on every install. We give you the variables you need to just do your data entry and have the system calculate the totals for you.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.