Remember when Yahoo was the bee's knees and then over time people wondered what ever happened to them? They're obviously still around but not the powerhouse they once were. Historicall Google should have had a similar fate, but they continue to be more and more important to the world somehow. Google is so diversified, so widely used, and they seem to be here to stay, that we found them to be the perfect integration partner for several purposes.

One of our favorite things we can do with Google Integration is to integrate with Google Calendar. Have you ever had a technician forget to put a personal schedule conflict on his work calendar so you scheduled him for an install at that time? Those days are over. Techs just have their google calendars (which they already have), and our CRM integrates with their schedule. We know having only 1 schedule for your techs will save you time. Just another way we help make life simpler for you.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.