Inventory Tracking

Have you ever signed up for a CRM, spent countless hours on setting up the Equipment and Inventory Tracking, all just to find that Techs are so frustrated with the Inventory Tracking because it takes so long that they keep on conveniently forgetting to track inventory? Inventory is the quickest and most likely way for a Dealership to lose money. Inventory Tracking is essential to success, so we spent much time and care to create a better way of Tracking Inventory so it doesn't take too much time for the Tech.

Our system does most of the leg work by filtering out all the equipment that is not relative to the system installed and filtering out the equipment that is not in stock for the installing tech. The system even displays it in Gridview so your Techs see everything laid out in front of them. They don't even have to refresh between each piece of equipment, instead they enter the data and save one time. Average time to track inventory is about 25 seconds. Give your Techs a break and let them use a Tracking System that is not cumbersome.

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