Payroll Tracking

When you setup your Payroll Tracking for your current CRM you probably thought "Wow that was easy", but when you went to actually track it you found that you had to add in "Custom Equipment" for variables not setup in the Payroll Tracking in order to properly track Payroll. Well you're not alone. One of our biggest Hot Tickets is that we have a more extensive setup process so you can simply do your data entry and have the Portal calculate your Payroll Amounts.

We don't just give you a few variables, instead we have you set all the variables that should affect your payroll amounts. You set the following variables: RMR Charged, Activation Charged, Contract Length, Credit Score Ranges, Funding Source used, Equipment threshold and deductions/additions for over/under threshold, commercial vs residential, cellular plan selected, billing type collected. Your pay scale needs to be extensive to keep from losing money on sales, so we give you the variables you need to have that extensive pay scale without increasing your data entry.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.